VentureHeat Podcast Feature

12V Heated Carbon Street Gloves

Our very own Powersports Manager was featured in this podcast interview on Electric Koolaid for the Road.  Tune in to hear him discuss our heated gear and how it helps  you keep warm and comfortable on your ride. The guys from Electric Koolaid for the Road are long time, long distance riders and … [Read more...]

On This Day In History and A Special Birthday


Bet you didn't know some of this stuff (or maybe you did): This Day In History - October 10th 1813 - Italian Composer Giuseppe de Verdi is born 1845 - The US Naval Academy opens in West Point, NY 1886 - The Tuxedo Dinner Jacket makes is splash onto the fashion scene in Tuxedo Park, NY... … [Read more...]

Discovering Wireless Transmission and New Gear


1895 Pontecchio, Italy - As young Guglielmo fidgeted with his super secret device, he probably had no idea what type of technological storm he was about to unleash upon the world.  Just an adjustment here and the world's first wireless signal would be sent to a receiver a mile an a half … [Read more...]

The Baghdad Battery Mystery


1938 Baghdad, Iraq -  Measuring only 13 cm long (5 inches), archaeologist Wilhelm Konig found the most curious looking object around an ancient Mesopotamian ritual site.  The object was oval in shape and made of clay but what shocked Konig was discovering a copper encased iron rod at the center. … [Read more...]

Do I Need To Buy A Battery With My Gear?

Don't ask him about getting batteries included

Secret Lair In Los Alamitos Office of Venture Heat - Present Day So there's a little secret we're going to let you in on... Now many companies sell battery heated gear...  but did you know that VentureHeat doesn't make you buy extra batteries or controllers? Nope. нет! (no in … [Read more...]

The Power and Glory of the Heated Robe


5th Century B.C. - India If you were to take a trip back to Ancient India you'd see something quite remarkable.  Young men walking around with long, flowing robes of bright orange colors.   The robe signified the man's rank as a Buddhist monk with one shoulder being exposed but what's … [Read more...]

The Weird History of Long Johns

From St. Albert Gazette

Long Johns... A Fashion Statement? England 1879 - A new garment revolutionizes women's fashion... and keeping warm during chilly nights.  Long Johns can be traced back to the 17th century but they gained prominence in the late 1800s.  Victorian era women in Europe and North America used the funny … [Read more...]


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